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Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) balances the energy disruption in your body which causes negative emotional, psychological and physical symptoms to arise.  In the past, when you went to the doctor with a problem, he didn’t pay much attention to what role your emotions may be playing in causing your symptoms.


In the western world’s model of medicine, the body was seen primarily as a complex machine, a marvelously complex physical organism. Under such a model, it was easy to overlook the effects of negative or positive emotions on the body.  Now, due to the insights from the results of their own scientific studies, doctors are beginning to become more aware of the connection between your emotions and your physical symptoms.


Western medicine has discovered:

  • High stress does link to high blood pressure.
  • Depression and loneliness do link to cardiovascular ill health (heart attacks, irregular heartbeats) and cause slower recovery times.
  • Feeling unloved and anxious does link to asthma.

The list goes on.


Our bodies and our emotions are linked.  Because we are in the middle of our emotions, day in and day out,  if negative emotions are not dealt with, they will have a cumulative impact on our health, just as, for example, living day in and day out in an area with high levels of air pollution will impact your health.  Asthma, migraines, ulcers, high blood pressure, shoulder and back pain, chronic fatigue and depression are a few examples of the symptoms that can arise from unresolved negative emotions.


The Earth has a water circulatory system; water evaporates from the oceans and forms clouds. Rain from the clouds collects into streams and then rivers and then flows back to the oceans.  When all is in balance, things are peaceful, but if the rain is too strong or the river is jammed, widespread destruction can occur.


Focusing on a smaller scale, our bodies have a similar circulatory system, with the flow of blood from our heart to each cell of our body and back again.  When it is all in balance, everything is peaceful.  But if blood flow is blocked to a cell or a muscle, it dies, and if the muscle is your heart, you die.


Focusing in to an even smaller scale, if we zoomed in on one of the muscles cells of the heart, we would see it was made up of organic molecules.  These are in turn made up of atoms which are in turn made up of electrons spinning around nuclei, all held together through the energy of electrical attraction.


Billions of energized atoms, all held together with an electrical charge, is what we are made of; with our own internal flow of energy that the Chinese have know about for centuries and which they call “meridians”.  These rivers or meridians of energy are the basis of the practice of acupuncture.


Just as a disruption in the flow of a river or of you bloodstream causes havoc, disrupting the flow of energy in a meridian has negative effects on the body.


Or, as the central statement for Emotional Freedom Techniques explains it:

“The cause of ALL negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system.”
  Gary Craig, E.F.T. Founder


I have a friend who had a bothersome rash over much of her upper body.  She visited her doctor multiple times in an attempt to get rid of it. None of the creams or pills worked.  Now, a lot of people already know that stress can sometimes cause rashes, but it is less well known that the quickest and easiest way to neutralize stress is to correct the disruption in the body’s energy system that is causing it.


Every negative emotion we experience, including depression, anger, frustration, stress, grief, guilt, anxiety, fear, etc., is a result of a blockage somewhere in the body’s energy system.  When that energy is blocked or disrupted by a traumatic or unpleasant event (like being humiliated by the boss at work), we feel a negative emotion - like embarrassment, fear or anger. 

What actually happens first is that the insult causes a disruption somewhere in your body’s energy pathways. It’s that disruption that causes the negative emotion of anger...not the insult itself.  

It's the disruption of our energy that causes the negative emotion. So rather than just the cause and affect of insult=anger, it's actually insult + energy disruption = anger.  When our flow of blood is disrupted, we suffer physical harm, when our energy system is disrupted we experience a negative emotion. 


If this equation is true (and we've found that it is), then the logical conclusion is, that if we can dissipate the energy disruption, the resulting negative emotion will be eliminated as well.

 That is exactly what the Emotional Freedom Techniques does. 


Emotional Freedom Techniques, founded by Gary Craig, is the largest, fastest growing, the easiest to learn, and most user friendly of several available energy meridian techniques. Unlike acupressure, you simply tap or touch very lightly on specific meridian points. 

By performing this systematic stimulating or tapping of the meridian points, (about 15 in all), while addressing a specific problem, the emotional issue gradually disappears. This simple process balances and re-energizes the system, often in a matter of minutes, clearing blockages and dissipating the negative emotions as you do so. 

After learning how to use EFT, you will be able to apply it to yourself to dissipate many of life's emotional and physical challenges such as fear, stress, guilt and even chronic pain.     

You can't possibly comprehend the power of this extraordinary process until you have experienced it yourself


 It only takes a few minutes to learn the basics and to start reaping the benefits of this amazing tool that can change your life!

In my opinion, the best way to learn EFT is through attending a workshop. However, if you prefer, you can learn through reading a more detailed explanation of EFT at www.emofree.com. This is the founder's web site, Gary Craig, and is loaded with case studies, articles and volumes of valuable information. You can even download the free 79-page Basic Manual located on that site. 

It is a fantastic, clever, and simple way to explain EFT. You can purchase Gary Craig's comprehensive CDs or DVDs:Quality EFT video training. Once you have that foundation, real life experience is necessary to get the hang of it. Beyond the basics you'll need some help with EFT, which is much more complex and expansive than you can imagine. To get to that level I highly recommend working with a practitioner. Only those of us who have experienced EFT firsthand, can attest to its amazing potential to transform and heal wounded hearts, minds, bodies and souls! EFT is truly a gift to mankind. Once learned, it is available to anyone and at anytime to those who want to use it. When done correctly and consistently, EFT can profoundly change one's life forever. It certainly has changed mine, which is why EFT is one of the two primary tools I used in my practice. 


To experience the full benefits of EFT, at some point, take the time to find a practitioner and experience this astounding and painless process first hand. Just as it is harder to tickle yourself, it is often more difficult to treat yourself – the advantage of another perspective from an experienced practitioner will often uncover aspects of the problem that you are too close to to see for yourself.


 If you would like a consultation but are not in my area, I will gladly work with you on the telephone or over SKYPE. Just give me a call or send me an email if you would like to chat before setting an appointment. 

You can check out the FAQs page on Gary Craig’s to answer dozens of often asked questions. Whether with me or another practitioner, treat yourself to the best gift you could ever give yourself–Emotional Freedom. You have nothing to lose and peace of mind to gain.   


Important note: While EFT has produced remarkable clinical results, it has only been used in its current form since 1992, and thus is still in the experimental stage. Therefore users of EFT or other energy therapies discussed on this site must take complete responsibility for their use of it. Although EFT has no side-effects it has been known to bring peace of mind, relaxation,a brighter outlook, better health, more energy and focus, added self-esteem, and to relieve stress, anxiety, chronic pain, and a multitude of other ailments and issues. I am not a licensed health care professional.  I am however, an EFT Practitioner, an Advanced Quantum Touch Practitioner and a Reiki Master.

More importantly, I care greatly about the welfare and health of my clients. Often, results are realized from EFT that have not been achieved through other methods or therapies.


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