I went to Jim when it was discovered I had a spot in my lung that showed up during a cat scan back in January 2008.
 After just 3 Quantum Touch sessions over a weekend, I had the cat scan taken again the following Monday. The test showed no spot !!
 It was completely gone! Not only was the spot gone, I have to say I felt more energised and peaceful than I ever can remember! Jim,you're a miracle-worker! Thank you!!! 
Joel Basinger
After I had a traffic accident 20 years ago, I started having  a kind of phobia of cars. I never felt comfortabel when I sat at the passenger seat when someone was driving. Then I had an EFT session with Jim. 
In one 15 minute session twenty years of stress and anxiety whenever I rode in  cars disappeared!  I can now relax and enjoy the ride. I am amazed at the sudden change - it was so quick and easy! Jim is a very powerful EFT practitoner as he could go all the way down the root of the fear and helped me to transform it.
I had ongoing pain on my right arm for nearly a year but after one session with Jim the pain is gone now. I can bend my arm and fasten my bra on my own. I am so thrilled at this quick fix. Thank you, Jim for helping me to have my arm back.
I had a severe headache and Jim made the pain to zero after working on my head for nearly 10 minutes. It is unbelievable how this work can create miracles.
Umit Samur Ferguson
(yes, my wife, - but her words)

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