When I was a little boy of about seven, I accidently walked over some coals that had spilled out of a campfire and had gone grey on top, matching the surrounding soil.
  My Mom and Dad raced me to the hospital, with me screaming my lungs out all the way.  My Mom called her step father "Pepe" a simple man who had come down to the leather mills of Maine from Canada years before in search of a job.
Pepe knew "how to take the pain out" of burns.

Years later, after Pepe had died, I thought to ask my Mom how he had done that. "I don't know, I never learned" she said.  
He had taken the secret to his grave.
  I felt cheated.  
Nothing I had learned in school or in the books I had read had ever even hinted that such a thing was possible.  Only because I had lived it did I know it was possible. 

I began to suspect that there was more to the world than the people around me or the books that I had read knew about.  

There was something going on that allowed a person that knew what he was doing to "take the pain out" of another person, even over a distance.  

This made no sense to me at all, yet I had lived it.  I began to suspect that there was more wonder in the universe than we generally assume. I set out in a search for how it was possible to "take the pain away".

Along the way, I earned a degree in Philosophy, studied Metaphysics, took untold classes and workshops and read countless books. I made my initial enty into the practice of healing others through becoming a Reiki Master. 

There are, indeed, many paths up the mountain.  Two that  serve me well and that I am certified in are labeled Quantum Touch and Emotional Freedom Technique.

I have come to the understanding that techniques are just  "doorways" to the healing power and potential (limitless) of the universe.  What we think is possible is actually a limit to the limitless possiblities held within the universe.

My job is to "open the door" for your healing and then, to the best of my abilities, "get out of the way" and allow the healing to flow through to you.

What you get is a pain free body, and a feeling of lightness and ease. And perhaps , a little surprise that it is possible.
I get to be a part of you healing and to once again witness the magic and grandeur of the universe in action.

So, it is, after all, still possible to "Take the pain out".  Thanks "Pepe" for opening me to the possibility...

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