Quantum Touch is a healing technique which from the outside looks like I’m placing my hands on your body where the pain is, asking a few questions and doing a certain kind of breathing.

From the inside, you are experiencing an incredibly peaceful warmth in the area I’m focusing on, I’m receiving intuitive visual images of the root cause of your pain, be it physical or emotional, and the energy I am focusing allows you to transform and release the pain in mere minutes.  Frequently one session is all it takes to have you emerge pain free and very relaxed.


Emotional Freedom Technique

The Earth has its rivers, your physical body has its circulatory system, and your non-physical body (emotions, fears) has its own supporting energy circulatory system (meridians). 

If the circulatory system is traumatized, the body suffers.  The Emotional Freedom Technique is a specific process of “tapping” on points along the energy channels to reestablish the proper flow and free you from negative emotions, fears, phobias, addictions, bad habits and physical pains and ailments.



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